Ressources and Links


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“Association Internationale des Amateurs de Plantes Succulentes”, The society of the Monaco exotic plant garden. (Jardin Exotique de Monaco)
“Arbeitskreis fur Mammillarienfreunde “, the German society with very good publications …in german ..
“The Mammillaria society” :
The British Mammillaria Society  , and a nice forum
“The Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society” :
(TCSS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, teaching and learning about cacti and succulent plants. TCSS is an affiliate of the Cactus & Succulent Society of America (CSSA).

Where to buy Mammillarias:

Kuentz cactus:
The biggest cactus nursery in France and a totally online plant list!

Cactus Plaza :
CactusPlaza specializes in cactus plants, succulent plants, caudex plants and many species of mesembs and other houseplants

Il sole rarita botaniche
Mammillarias with field numbers !!!

Where to Buy seeds:

Mesa Garden:
“The Best”, with a seed list that has to be seen!
Aymeric de Barmon Seed list:
A Frenchman who has an incredible beautiful seed list!
Very beautiful seedlist with very interesting species.!
Doug and Vivi Rowland seed list:
nice Mammillaria list with locality data !

Where to buy books:

cactus file:
To buy the Pilbeam book, click here !!!
Whitestone Garden:
A very good book list…!
More than 150 books about cactus and succulents

Web site and home pages of interest


Walter Hellinx homepage :
I visited this very nice collection , i love !!! you can also buy some nice mammillarias and seeds :
very good German site with a lot of nice mammillaria pictures. :
An other very good German site with more than 900 mammillaria pictures.
Desert tropicals:
A lot of species descriptions, you must seen it !
Chris Davis home page:
nice cacti and mammillaria pictures.
Mam’s on the Mall:
Some good mammillaria pictures
Photos de Mammillaria:
237 pictures taken from the English forum!
Suleyman photo album:
nice mammillaria seedling pictures.

“Cactus And Succulents” Web site:

The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall:
The most “cactus” visited site in the world.
Arizona Cactus and Succulent Research:
maintains an extensive library of information on Cactus and Succulents.
AIAPS official Photo data base (English version avaible) with more than 2500 succulents pictures.

French web site about cactus:

This site is easy to use also if you don’t understand french …
Le Cactus Francophone:
The best French site and the second biggest in the world just behind the cactus-mall.