Synomyms Description

You will find here the same type of content than in the Species description page but for synonym species….as we don’t all have the same classification system, some of us will find here valid species as they follow Reppenhagen Classification as other will only find here synonym species information.
as at we mainly follow the Hunt-Pilbeam Classification we have put the accepted species of this Classification in the Specie description page and all other synonyms of any interest will be put here on the synonyms description page…here
As this is a new page, it will be filled each month with new synonym descriptions.
List of synonyms for which a page has been created :

Synonyms Description

List of species for which a page has been created :

Mammillaria antesbergiana

Mammillaria aurihamata

Mammillaria bernalensis

Mammillaria brauneana

Mammillaria buxbaumeriana

Mammillaria casoi

Mammillaria chiapensis

Mammillaria craigii

Mammillaria crassa

Mammillaria crassimammillis

Mammillaria erythra

Mammillaria freudenbergeri

Mammillaria gueldemanniana

Mammillaria haageana var. collina

Mammillaria hamiltonhoytea

Mammillaria huajuapensis

Mammillaria hubertmulleri

Mammillaria ignota

Mammillaria knippeliana

Mammillaria kunthii

Mammillaria manana sp. nova.

Mammillaria moeller – valdeziana

Mammillaria monticola

Mammillaria mundtii

Mammillaria noureddineana

Mammillaria ortizrubiona

Mammillaria pachycylindrica

Mammillaria pseudoperbella

Mammillaria puberula

Mammillaria pubispina

Mammillaria sanjuanensis

Mammillaria saxicola

Mammillaria supraflumen

Mammillaria variabilis

Mammillaria verhaertiana

Mammillaria viescensis

Mammillaria viridiflora

Mammillaria xochipilli

Mammillaria zuccariniana