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Mammillaria scheinvariana

  • First description by R. Ortega-Varela & Glass, Guide to the identification of Threatened Cacti of Mexico 1 (1997)

  • Body: Plants solitary or sparingly clustering. Stems subglobose, about 5 cm in diameter, 2 – 3.5 cm high, areoles white woolly.
  • Roots:
  • Sap:
  • Tubercule arrangement:
  • Tubercule:
  • Axil: With fine white haires.
  • Radial spine: 20 – 24, to 20 mm long, white, soft, smooth, hair-like, ascending.
  • Central spine: 1, straight, about 16 mm long, porrect, pale yellowish tan to pale reddish yellow, darker towards tip.
  • Flower: Funnelform, nearly 2 cm long, about 1 m wide, with palest pinkish white to white margins and tapering faint pink midstripe, filaments bright lavender, anthers whitish.
  • Fruit: Dark cherry red.
  • Seed: Shiny black.
  • Flowering period in Cultivation (Europe):
  • Minimum temperature:
  • Habitat Substrate:
  • Geographic Distribution: Queretaro and Hidalgo, Mexico, in the area now occupied by the Zimapan dam. Not known to occur elsewhere, and therefore possibly extinct in the wild.
  • Comments:
  • Bibliography:
    John Pilbeam (1999) – Mammillaria The Cactus File Handbook – page 260.

    Edward F. Anderson (2001) – The Cactus Family – referred to M. crinita
  • Synonymes:
    M. crinita ssp scheinvariana


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