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Mammillaria backebergiana ssp ernestii

  • First description by Fittkau Cact. Succ. Mex. 16(2): 36 (1971)

  • Body: Distinctly smaller than the type and more easily offsetting, shining dark green.
  • Roots:
  • Sap:
  • Tubercule arrangement:
  • Tubercule:
  • Axil:
  • Radial spine:
  • Central spine: 1, darker than type
  • Flower: darker than type.
  • Fruit:
  • Seed:
  • Flowering period in Cultivation (Europe):
  • Minimum temperature: -2° C
  • Habitat Substrate:
  • Geographic Distribution: Mexico and Guerrero, Mexico. Altitude 1.900 m.
  • Comments: A considerably smaller plant than backebergiana ssp backebergiana, this plant is easier to manage as it does not make tall solitary columns, but is more apt to form clusters with age. Otherwise, cultivation is the same as for backebergiana.
  • Bibliography: <br>John Pilbeam (1999) – Mammillaria The Cactus File Handbook – page 43.
    <br>Edward F. Anderson (2001) – The Cactus Family – page 407.
  • Synonymes: <br>M. backebergiana var ernestii
    <br>M. ernestii
    <br>M. isotensis


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Mammillaria Backebergiana/Mammillaria backegergiana ssp ernestii – Photo Norman Dennis.jpg

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