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Mammillaria decipiens ssp albescens

  • First description by Tiegel, Moeller’s, Deutsch. Gaertnerzeit. 48: 260 (1933)

  • Body: Plants forming dense clusters. Stems globose to club shaped, deep green, to 8 cm high, 5 cm in diameter.
  • Roots:
  • Sap:
  • Tubercule arrangement:
  • Tubercule: Tubercules somewhat soft, cylindrical to obtuse.
  • Axil: With sparse wool and a few bristles.
  • Radial spine: 3 – 5, white, straight, generally shorter than the type.
  • Central spine: Absent, rarely 1, about 15 mm long, whitish with sometimes brownish tips, thin, straight, flexible.
  • Flower: Broadly funnelform, white, sometimes greenish in the lower parts, and with a brownish midstripe on the outer petals, to about 1 cm long. Stigmas yellowish.
  • Fruit: Yellowish green or whitish green.
  • Seed: Brown..
  • Flowering period in Cultivation (Europe):
  • Minimum temperature:
  • Habitat Substrate: Under shrubs.
  • Geographic Distribution: Guanajuato and Queretaro, Mexico.
  • Comments:
  • Bibliography:
    John Pilbeam (1999) – Mammillaria The Cactus File Handbook – page 82.

    Edward F. Anderson (2001) – The Cactus Family – page 414.
  • Synonymes:
    Dolichothele albescens

    M. albescens

    M. decipiens var albescens


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